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When you hear about “Myths About GMO’s” you can usually expect a polemic from an activist.  It may be an anti-GMO activist debunking myths like “GMO’s can help feed the world” or a pro-GMO activist debunking myths like “GMO’s can’t help feed the world.” But the recent NPR blog, “Top Five…

Along with programs for beginning and minority farmers, rural jobs, renewable energy, local food, and specialty crop research, organic programs like certification cost-share were thrown overboard in the final “fiscal cliff” negotiations between the White House and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). As of now, those programs do not exist for 2013 and there […]

…a food production system based on optimized simplicity seems quaint at best…we’d do better to aim for optimized complexity. Call it post-modern agriculture. Are We Ready for Post-Modern Farming? (Center for Investigative Journalism)

There was, in the back of my mind, this growing idea that the place for me was no longer in my field of work, but in a field of grass. An interview with Richard Morris.